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Construction AccountingConstruction professionals and contractors know that quality comes from being
prepared and having the right set of tools for the job. Like you, we recognize that when you come prepared not only does the job get done quickly but it gets done right. Most any accounting firm can provide the traditional compliance services common to every company. However, only a select few have the skills, training and experience to bring bottom line value to your construction company. Let’s face it, there are a number of issues and concerns that companies in your industry face that require the guidance and direction of any experienced provider. MSPC is one the select few CPA firms which can bring that experience to bear for you.

We work with residential and commercial builders, specialty contractors and highway construction companies to provide critical financial and tax guidance. Through long standing relationships with insurance and bonding agents we are able to custom tailor a tax strategy that improves the bottom line.

Our Construction Accounting Services:

  • Contract Cost Audits
  • Overhead Rate Analysis
  • Equipment Costing Analysis
  • Surety Bond Services
  • Retirement Plan Audits
  • State & Local Tax Assistance
  • Internal Controls Review
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Accounting Software Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Litigation Support

Take the Next Step

Looking for the direction and guidance of a construction specialist? Have an issue or concern related to your construction business that you would like to discuss? Contact Jon Gagliardi for more info.


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